Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blind Pilot // We Are The Tide

Blind Pilot just released the date of the sophomore album called "We Are The Tide": September 13. Watch the video and write the date down in your calendar. If you haven't already listened to Blind Pilot's first album - now's the time to listen and love... and then anticipate the release of "We Are The Tide". And I suspect from this video...that it will be pretty spectacular.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sun Airway : Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier

You know when you listen to an artist/band, and then you stop for a bit and you would only listen one or two songs; and then one day you hear a song and somehow find yourself listening to the whole album, repeatedly?
Well, Philadelphia-originated Sun Airway is that band. Jon Barthmaus's voice and his band's beats, synths, visuals, and trance-like piano noises have me listening them all day everyday (okay, I exaggerate but for the past 3 days). I posted a video of an acoustic version of Sun Airway's "Put The Days Away" but you need to listen to their album. You can sway your head back and forth to the music, you can sing-a-long, you can just sit and stare into the clouds. Whatever it is you do, listen to Sun Airway while you're at it. I'm just saying, I can listen to "Waiting on You" on repeat.
*P.S. Isn't the album cover beautiful?

Waiting on You by Sun Airway

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Andrew Bird // Anonanimal - Live at Cemetary Gates

After discovering this video of quality and magic from my brother, this was the go-to video for "live Andrew Bird"...until it got removed from YouTube.
To my surprise, when I searched for it today, it comes up. A miracle. A masterpiece. I am sorry guys but I love Andrew Bird, his strings, his whistling, and the sound it produces when it echoes in that cathedral.

The Morning Benders // Virgins

An exclusive track for La Blogotheque, and those lucky people around that day.
Wowee, 10 months later and I am still in love with this song. It makes you want to sway to Chris Chu's sweet voice and strums. The Morning Benders were my Summer 2010 jam but you know what? They can go into my Summer 2011 jam too, they are that good. And that's how much I want them to just record and release another album. They're songs are beat-y, sway-inducing, and very sing-a-long-able. Can I say that? I just did. Can I also mention how cute Chris Chu is? He is.

*I totally forgot about the harmonizing - ooh, that is the cherry on top of this delicious band.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Spirit Family Reunion

There isn't much about these guys at all... but apparently they're from Brooklyn. They recently just made their Kickstarter goal, raising money for a van so they could go tour this summer. But it's something about their country-like singing, homey folk voice and harmony that makes me feel good about being one of those Kickstarter backers for this band.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Alex Winston : Sister Wife

It might be those tambourines or that 8-piece band she's got. Or maybe it's her wild lion hair and her catchy lyrics. In any sense, Alex Winston and her 6 song CD called Sister Wife have been on repeat in my car, on my iPhone, and in my shower. I can't stop listening to it. The La Blogotheque take away shows are something to see (aside from the fact that almost all La Blog take away shows are awesome). Walking, almost skipping and still belting out her tunes. Watch her other take away show here.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sun Airway // Put The Days Away


Back during SXSW, one of my favorite non-profits, Invisible Children, did a video project called the Silver Series. 25 bands to end 25 years of war. If you don't know what this '25 years of war' is about, read about it, watch about it here.
Anyhow, they just released some of the videos that are done editing and I am so excited to watch them all. They featured bands like Spirit Familiy Reunion, Guards, and a band that I anticipated the most, Sun Airway. Now Sun Airway generally uses beats, keys and synths, along with guitars and drums; but this stripped down acoustic version of "Put The Days Away" makes me swoon as Jon Barthmaus strums that guitar in an empty pool. Watch all the videos here.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tune in Tuesday : Early Summer Mix

When I think of summer, I think fresh air, snow cones, and tacos. I'd use adjectives like light, wispy, cool, summery words. For this Tuesday's mix, I won't be making a mix for a particular person. Instead, I'll just making a mix for this season: Summer. It's ferociously hot in Texas so I hope you enjoy these tunes and keep them in your summer mix drawer. As the summer continues on, I'll make another mix.

Playlist 'Early Summer':
1. Go Outside - Cults
2. The Suburbs - Arcade Fire
3. Codes and Keys - Death Cab For Cutie           
4. Desert Island Feeling - Mutual Benefit
5. Scar Tissue - Red Hot Chili Peppers
6. Coeur D'Alene - The Head And The Heart
7. Trouble Comes Running - Spoon
8. Ghouls - We Are Scientists
9. Oh My God - Cults (I doubled, but you know what? Listen to the album you'd understand.)
10. Don't Look Back - She & Him
11. Promises - The Morning Benders
12. Choice Notes - Alex Winston
13. Run the World(Girls) - Beyonce*

*Optional but so danceable, how could you not?

Cults : Cults

This duo from San Diego featuring Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion (who was previously in the band called White Zombie) recently released their debut self-titled album, Cults, and I have dubbed it apart of my Summer 2011 jams. The piano and light xylophone beats pairs well with Madeline's sweet voice which makes this such a perfect soundtrack for a day lounging at the pool or a little dance party. This will definitely make you want to bob your head, sway, and wave your arms. Go ahead, do it.

Cults - "Rave On" by Christophe Laforge

Monday, June 6, 2011

Artist Appreciation//Andrew Bird

Some artists click with you at once but sometimes it takes a couple of listen's. It's become apparent to me that most of the time it takes awhile for an artist or band to get in my good graces. But once they do, they stay close to my heart and I really do think once in a while I should appreciate them. It's corny but music really does speak what we cannot. They tell the story of our heartache, our changes in seasons, our road trips and really anything in going on in our life.
For example, Andrew Bird, he'd tell the story (at least for me) of my summer before senior year of high school. I'd blast him through my car even though the rap music from the car next to me could easily stomp on his beautiful strings and whistles. No worry, I would just as easily roll up my windows. Now, Andrew Bird is truly the Dr. Stringz. One man, several loops, and so much talent. Not only is he a charming dresser, he's an avid biker, and a beautiful song maker/instrumentalist. Sometimes I don't understand what he sings about, but when I hear his music, I feel peace and I remember summer and senior year. So here's to my first Artist Appreciation: to Dr. Stringz.
Andrew Bird - Plasticities

Friday, June 3, 2011

Old Crow Medicine Show : O.C.M.S.

I was lucky enough to see Old Crow Medicine Show during their "Railroad Revival Tour" when they also traveled with Mumford & Sons, and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. Now to be honest, I had never heard of OCMS, I was really only going to see Mumford; I tried listening to the album O.C.M.S. but it just wasn't clicking with me. They are definitely entertainers and they sounded great live. It only made the show better when members from the other bands collaborated in some of their songs. I left the concert speechless, hoping that I will live to see another opportunity like this (I've got time). But as I sit here writing this post, it's because of how much I have come to appreciate OCMS. Folksy it is, and sometimes people can't take the bluegrass part of it but oh how hearty it sounds to my ears. I've got to hand it to them, when they play "Wagon Wheel", all you want to do is join arms with the people you love around a fire pit and sing along.