Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Morning Benders // Virgins

An exclusive track for La Blogotheque, and those lucky people around that day.
Wowee, 10 months later and I am still in love with this song. It makes you want to sway to Chris Chu's sweet voice and strums. The Morning Benders were my Summer 2010 jam but you know what? They can go into my Summer 2011 jam too, they are that good. And that's how much I want them to just record and release another album. They're songs are beat-y, sway-inducing, and very sing-a-long-able. Can I say that? I just did. Can I also mention how cute Chris Chu is? He is.

*I totally forgot about the harmonizing - ooh, that is the cherry on top of this delicious band.

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