Friday, May 31, 2013

May 2013 : Music Haul

 porch life

This music haul covers a lot of tracks (pun intended).
There's a different sound for all sorts of summers, here's what I mean:
Porch life - more folksy perhaps? You could also just do straight up rap, we do both.
Beach life - indie synth pop // light-hearted // maybe there are shakers involved
Road life - this can take two directions - 1) upbeat, blah blah blah OR 2) contemplative, maybe woodsy music
Choose one, choose all.

*Links take you to YT video or some listening link!*

From April to May, I'm still listening to:

Houses. Houses... and more Houses. I feel like I've been winding down my day with listening to A Quiet Darkness. I am stoked to see them when they're come to town in June. 'Tenderly' is my new favorite.
The Neighbourhood from time to time. Their album I love you. is made for cruising in your car.
Cayucas's Bigfoot album is your summer soundtrack to the beach, pool, or anything that is a body of water. Listen to 'A Summer Thing' and tell me I'm wrong.
Balmorhea, especially 'Baleen Morning'. So soothing. It's music for the hangouts that don't really require much talking, you can just sit there together, and be present.

From May, I've been listening to:

Kisses, Kids In LA is another summer album. Disco-y indie pop. SO L.A. (Just kidding, what does that even mean?)
Lily & Madeleine, because their dreamy voices. I'm having visions of First Aid Kit.
MS MR's debut album, Secondhand Rapture. 'Fantasy' is a great track and I also love 'BTSK'. Lizzy's voice is like a velvety Florence Welch. And a little bit more ghostly, orchestral- actually, I think that's why it reminds me a lot of F+TM but reinterpreted. Easily one of my favorite performances of South by. Kudos to them for being on the ACL bill this year.
Daughter's debut album, If You Leave. Elena's voice is purity.
Lorde, I posted about her below. Catchy beats. Reminds me a bit of Sleigh Bells, what do you think?
Giraffage, (I keep wanting to spell this "giraffe")


Tokyo Police Club's Champion and Elephant Shell album, dance-y road songs
Death Cab for Cutie's The Photo Album and Plans album, fleeting day sounds
Bloc Party's track 'Sunday' because it's just so dang good

Single Tracks:

Long Days by I will, I swear
Nova Scotia by Magic Man
Paranoia by Nosaj Thing x Chance The Rapper
Gun by Chvrches
Instant Crush by Daft Punk (ft. Julian Casablancas)
Try by Nosaj Thing (ft. Toyo y Moi)
West Coast by The Neighbourhood
3am Spiritual by Smith Westerns
Tessellate (Alt-J cover) by Ellie Goulding

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lorde : The Love Club EP

New Zealand, dang, look at you. And dang, Ella of Lorde is only 16? Heavy beats and a strong voice. My music palette is expanding and it's shifting toward beats like this. Sweet summer, come sooner.