Friday, January 31, 2014

January 2014 : Music Haul

I've been reading about some of the upcoming albums that will be released in the next year...and I am stoked. From Broken Bells to Lykke Li to Mø and a string of others, it's going to be good.
In addition to album releases, the annual event of drunken debauchery and music discovery is on the horizon: SXSW. 

Conveniently, SXSW runs through our Spring Break. It is my suggestion if you are looking for an affordable way to see shows, drink, party, and see cool stuff (I saw a replica of a space telescope). It's also good being 21 during this time, and I recommend commuting around the city via bicycle.
Forewarning though: I got a black eye last SX from a show, so watch yourselves.

This music haul will be a little blurb about Misterwives + people I plan on catching come South by. March will be here before I know it, my ears need to be ready. You can follow my Spotify "SXSW 2014" playlist by clicking this.

In January, I've been listening to:

  • Misterwives. I get Alex Winston vibes, Mandy Lee has a strong voice. The tambourine and percussion in "Coffins" made an impression on me, but I've come to love "Vagabond." 
  • Wildcat! Wildcat! They finally released an EP. Listen to "The Chief," and "Please & Thank You." But if you listen to both, that's practically half the EP, might as well go all in. 
  • Lily & Madeleine. From a suggestion via Twitter, I started listening to these sisters a couple months back. Only recently I found that they released a full-length album. Young and harmonious, Lily & Madeleine remind me a lot of First Aid Kit but think less folksy, more dreamy. 
  • Sylvan Esso. SXSW-attendees. It's almost obsessive how many times I've listened to them.
  • Haerts. SXSW-attendees. Some serious 80's-vibes. If that's what you're into, go and give their EP a listen. Shake your shoulders, groove, etc etc etc. 
Links are to YT videos. That's all, follow my SXSpotify playlist, listen to Sylvan Esso. End.