Sunday, July 31, 2011

Live // Teebs

When in Brooklyn...go to a show, right? Anyways, when it was decided that I was going to New York, my brother immediately looked for shows to go to. It's funny because we'd never been to New York before and yet here we were going to a Teebs show at a venue called The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. Here's the even bigger catch: we later found out that the show did not start until midnight and Teebs didn't perform until 2:30.. A.M. So what I heard was true - New York never sleeps. Nervous and feeling kind of regretful, I was honestly uneasy going to a show this late in a city I'd never been but whatever doubt was holding back didn't work as we hopped on the L train to Brooklyn. Finding the venue wasn't as bad as I thought it would be so we walked in, got our stamps, and arrived during the 2nd performance. Not bad and the next band ('Saturn Never Sleeps' I think) that came on after that wasn't bad either. We swayed and shook our heads to the bass. Some people really got into it and started to put some body and flailing arms to the music but we all knew who we were waiting to see: Teebs.

Sidebar: I didn't listen to Teebs very often. My brother is the one who had a million scrobbles on his but because I couldn't say no to an inexpensive show, I bought the tickets.
But boy, I was surprised and blown away. He came out with his sweater and beanie(like above), gave us a smile and started playing. If you're looking for 'homework music' - by recommendation, this is it. And if you're looking for a good show, go see Teebs. He seemed like a really down to earth guy, funny and thanking us for coming to his show throughout his set. Teebs is low key and underrated but I guess that can be a good thing. Afterward, he even gave us his CD (for free!) and so gentleman-y handed it to me. He does not often go to New York and neither do we but I'm glad we caught each other at the same time because it was a great show.

Teebs - 'Arthur's Birds' by BRAINFEEDER

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Matthew Hemerlein // "Luminescent Braid"

Classically trained at the age of 5.
Knows how to utilize 6 instruments and the pedal loop.
Has a sultry voice that will put you to sleep with pleasant dreams.
Who does all these things? Columbia-native Matthew Hemerlein
When I first saw a video of his music, I thought to myself, "Andrew Bird?" Although Matthew uses the loop and plays violin like Andrew does, the tone and mood is completely different. I can't complain though, I love a good song that is dominant in strings.
Here is a beautifully shot music video by Matthew called "Luminescent Braid".

Artist Appreciation : City and Colour

I think we can agree that the most beautiful songs turn out to be some of the most depressing ones too. Today I want to celebrate Dallas Green of City and Colour because listening to his album Sometimes or Bring Me Your Love will tear at your heartstrings and you will love it. "Body In A Box" is probably one of my favorite songs if not the favorite of any album he's written.
The finger-picking in songs like "Day Old Hate" and "What Makes A Man?" undeniably make his songs special (and hard to replicate unless one has had lots of practice). I cannot wait to see him perform at Austin City Limits this year. The one request I might have is to ask him to play lots of his old songs, my mind has not wrapped around his new album Little Hell and the full band that comes with it.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

j. irvín dally : Despitado

Here is J. Irvin Dally: someone utterly underrated. He plays and he sings like it's no big deal.  Let him swoon you with his suave hair but most of all his voice. Then, get/listen to his album, you won't be sorry.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Tree Ring // Wore It Deep

Before I write an ode dedicated to these San Diegan artist, I want to give you a taste of just why they will steal your musical ears and hearts.

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Strokes // Taken For A Fool

The Strokes' newly released music video "Taken For A Fool" kind of sends you on a trip but this is easily my favorite song from their new album Angles. Oh how it would be nice if there were duplicates of Julian, Fab, Nick, Albert Hammond Jr., and Nikolai.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Mumford and Sons // Home

Mumford & Sons - "Home/Untitled" (Live on KBCO) by

I cannot figure out if I like it...or love it.
I know you can not be hasty with music but for real Mumford and Sons - get your sophomore album out now. And go on tour in the states, I'll be there.
More details here.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tennis : Cape Dory

Husband and wife Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore have conjured up the perfect beach album, Cape Dory. Alaina's whimsy voice and ooh's and woah-ah-ah-oh's will even make the waves sing. I feel like doing those synchronized dance motions in cheesy beach music videos when I listen to "Seafarer". 
I first heard of Tennis when I heard the song "Marathon" - I don't know how you wouldn't love them after that.
TENNIS - Seafarer by @indierockgirl