Saturday, July 23, 2011

Artist Appreciation : City and Colour

I think we can agree that the most beautiful songs turn out to be some of the most depressing ones too. Today I want to celebrate Dallas Green of City and Colour because listening to his album Sometimes or Bring Me Your Love will tear at your heartstrings and you will love it. "Body In A Box" is probably one of my favorite songs if not the favorite of any album he's written.
The finger-picking in songs like "Day Old Hate" and "What Makes A Man?" undeniably make his songs special (and hard to replicate unless one has had lots of practice). I cannot wait to see him perform at Austin City Limits this year. The one request I might have is to ask him to play lots of his old songs, my mind has not wrapped around his new album Little Hell and the full band that comes with it.

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