Thursday, December 29, 2011

Of Monsters And Men : My Head Is An Animal

Twitter is used for a lot of things: gossip, news, thoughts, ideas, mindless drivel and a lot of hashtags. But once in a while you come across a gem of a tweet. This particular tweet led me to an Icelandic band called Of Monsters And Men. I listened to their songs once, put them in the back of my music drawer, and didn't touch them for a while...until they shuffled right into the speakers of my car this afternoon. 'Your Bones' came on and then 'Yellow Light', I couldn't turn back and I didn't want to. It almost pained me to get out of my car and stop the music. I marvel in co-singer Raggi's and co-singer Nanna's voices; almost like a whisper but also a whipping force. The songs swing from cymbal thrashing to strong choruses to airy beginnings to crescendo endings (my favorite).
My Head Is An Animal is due for worldwide release sometime in 2012, mark your calendars (or start YouTubing if you can't resist).

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

News // Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird - Break It Yourself from Mom+Pop on Vimeo.

A sliver of a peek for Andrew Bird's newest album Break It Yourself was announced for release (in the US) March 6, 2012 today along with his announcement for his US tour.
Here are my thoughts: Finally. While his tour does not come by Austin, TX, his homepage said that more shows will be posted throughout 2012; so I am crossing my fingers and saying a prayer for a Austin "Bird-sighting". 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gem Club // Breakers

This is Gem Club from Boston, Massachusetts and their album called Breakers was released earlier this year.
This video is apart of the "Watch Listen Tell" sessions. They have taped bands like Dark Dark Dark, Lucy Rose, Lissie, and Young the Giant.
I can find myself falling asleep to this song, everything is played just-so. The piano, the chimes, the tambourine, cello, and Christopher's voice - meld together perfectly.