Hello friends, my name is Thu and welcome to my music blog. Raised in the suburbs but now living in one of the greatest cities for live music: Austin, TX.

Death Cab for Cutie was my music game-changer and I forever have a soft spot for Ben Gibbard & Co. After fully indulging in Transatlanticism, I have been following music like a pirate on a treasure hunt: seeking, digging, and taking what I feel is mine. (Cue: *wink* because it's a joke...or something). I find music through blogs, my Twitterfeed, sites like Hypem, last.fm, and everyone's favorite: word-of-mouth. Music suggestions are taken to heart, so don't be afraid to send your ideas to me.

The name 'poop books' is derived from my very own, very real Poop Book. Well, it's actually a Moleskine that I just wrote 'Poop Book' on but I decided to name my blog that because it's where I like to keep a log of personal adventures and memories. It's much easier to keep track of my music adventures online, thus Poopbooks. I look back and I'm like, "Oh yeah, I totally loved X, Y, Z because I was in some hyper-sensitive-too-much-eyeliner phase," and reminisce about it.

Thanks for reading and listening,


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