Monday, September 30, 2013

September 2013 : Music Haul

I'm attempting to be concise today, but this month does not make it easy. Transitioning into "slower music", I am getting ready for Fall-time. When will it approach Texas? Unknown, but I'll listen to some of these albums inside and just pretend that everything is a-ok.
poopbooks|September 2013:Music Haul

From August to September, I've been listening to:

  • ∆∆∆∆∆∆ I don't need to say more than that
  • Kacey Musgraves. She's infiltrated my music wall. Or actually, I opened the door and let her in. She's actually great music to listen to when you're on the road. Sing-able, relateble, beat-y.

From September, I've been listening to (in order of importance):

  • HAIM's full-length (out tomorrow I think) Days Are Gone. I wrote about them a while back, and I'm gonna be that person. I said they were gonna be big and now look, they are at ACL and they sold out their ACL after show already. They rule, they make me want to be a in a girl band. "Days Are Gone" and "My Song 5" are jammy jams but "Go Slow" will always be my all-time favorite. 
  • CHVRCHES's new album, The Bones of What You Believe. Pretty sure I started listening to this Scotland trio from this girl. Thanks Urs. "Lungs" is a good one and "Recover" is something I can play for months (speaking from experience). 
  • Lorde. I forget when her album comes out, but it was streaming on VH1/Mashable. You'll probably hear it at your next house party if you haven't already. 
  • London Grammar. Flashes of Florence Welch happen when I listen to London Grammar. I kind of refused to like them when they released "Wasting My Young Years". But this music is melancholic and full of soul (I think "soulful" has a different sound). 
  • Bastille. If you need convincing, watch this. I promise, it will be the best 3 minutes of your life and you'll be wondering why you're not listening to them already. Swoonfest, Bastille is so good. Thanks Jaqs. 
  • Volcano Choir. Justin Vernon's other music venture. Touches of Bon Iver, but it's not the same. You can definitely hear his distinct voice and sometimes, that's all I need. I'll continue to spin Bon Iver every time it rains though. Nothing can replace that. 


  • Generationals. This band and I met again this month (on Spotify), it's been a long time. I really love their album Actor-Caster, my 4th year is making me realllll nostalgic. 
  • Explosions In The Sky. Speaking of nostalgia, Friday Night Lights anyone? I saw them perform again recently and was just wrecked. They are SO good live. "The Only Moment We Were Alone", holy emotions. 
  • Cults. My first year? My second year? Their album was my soundtrack, they've got a new one coming out I guess that's why I revisited. "Never Saw The Point"- yes. It's doo-wop-y but it's not doo-wop! 
  • Arctic Monkeys. Remnants of high school exist and listen to this band and their songs like "Balaclava" and "Florescent Adolescent"..."The best you ever had/the best you ever had/ is just a memory". All of the lyrics, y'all.

Single Tracks:

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Live : LUCIUS secret house show

lucius music

I have never experienced a secret house show quite like the one I went to this past Sunday.
Here's a short run-down:
1) It was last-minute
2) I found out from Facebook
3) I had no idea what I was getting myself into
4) There were tiki torches that lit the pathway to the house
5) Lights and thought-out decor and little bits but also BYOB (which is the way we like it in ATX)
Thanks to my best friend, I forced myself to go, by myself, and as Tim Riggins says, "No regrets."

Lucius had me sold when I saw them perform "Turn It Around" as the last song of their set at Club Deville at SXSW 2013. To top it off, I watched their NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert and I think it's one of the best Tiny Desk Concerts to date. I've already written about them, but I can't help it- I love Lucius. A lot. Their upcoming full-length album debut is coming in 2 weeks (?) and I cannot wait. 

The harmonizing, the perfect percussion, whammy wham guitar, shaker, etc., I have been listening to their EP non-stop since March. Like their NPR Tiny Desk Concert, this house show was stripped-down Lucius, which is sometimes better than when artists have all of their equipment. "Don't Just Sit There" and their stripped-down rendition of "Genevieve" are stellar. October 15 will be a great day. 

PRO TIP: Always go to a Lucius show. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

August 2013 : Music Haul

poopbooksmusic | August 2013:Music Haul

Summer is fleeting and school is in session.....

Goodbye August, I will miss your sweet summer sounds that get me to dance or croon me to sleep.
Hello September, it's my final September in college, I'm trying to not cry.

From July to August, I've been listening to:
Benjamin Francis Leftwich. He can sing me to sleep every. night.
CHVRCHES. Can't wait for their album release next month. SEPTEMBER IS GOING TO BE SO GOOD Y'ALL.
Growl. Went to their show that kicked off their Hella Hot Summer Tour. They played new jams, can't wait to hear the studio versions. (Sidenote: Houston music scene is...different.)
Alt-J. I don't know when there isn't a time that I don't listen to this band, I just got this on vinyl last month and on that note...
Houses. I just got this on vinyl. Like two days ago. I don't know when I'll stop listening to this band either.

From August, I've been listening to:
Jesse Woods. Am I seeping back into my alternative/indie/folk/rock-self? Maybe.
Western Lows. I do judge an album by its cover. Sometimes a lot of times. They had a cool one, so I gave them a chance.
Phospherescent. Before, I had only heard "Song by Zula" (which I thought was epic, yes, I am going to describe that song using the adjective "epic"). I started listening to that album, Muchacho and now I'm making my way through the other albums. I like it.
The Virgins. Revisited this artist but never listened to their music fully but I am digging their album, Strike Gently.
Superhumanoids. I remember when I [probably] touched elbows with these band members when they played at the Warby Parker Circus SXSW event two years back. I am in love with their new album. I thank Hannah for reintroducing me to them. "Black Widow" - that one got me *I'm pointing to my heart*
Kacey Musgraves. For all who know me, I don't do country. I love OCMS and I love my share of folk, but that's not country. "Back On The Map"- give this track a chance, then give Kacey a chance, she'll sneak up on you.
Washed Out's newest album, Paracosm. I'm going to admit it, I listened to this album because of the cover art. I should really do a separate post about that. Cover art is important to me.
The Smiths. I attribute this artist to my one and only Megan B. This gets me through work sometimes, and other times, I just listen to it because I freaking love it.

[Thanks to the chrrywd boys, my music taste is branching out (re: Phospherescent, Wilco, Dawes, and AA Bondy).]

Revisted: Everyone Likes to Feel Nostalgic:
N'SYNC. "I Want You Back", "It's Gonna Be Me" - thank goodness for Spotify because it's how I relive the 90's.
Flight of the Conchords. Best sing-a-long's ever.
Lord Huron. Screams wanderlust, travel, and adventure.
Destiny's Child. re: N'SYNC but songs like "Bootylicious", "Bills, Bills, Bills"
(old) Justin Timberlake. One word: "SeƱorita"
Dawes. I listened to Dawes back when I was super into Delta Spirit, Deertick, and Middle Brother. Revisiting this reminds me to take things a little bit slower than my usual frazzled self. "So Well" and "Time Spent In Los Angeles" - those two songs, yes.

Single Tracks:
Periodic Table by Bent Denim (read the blog post below for a review and a listen)
Tempest by Lucius (I think their full-length is releasing in October? I love Lucius, you'll thank me later)
Long As You're Home by Houndmouth (this gives me major THATH vibes)
Do I Wanna Know? by Arctic Monkeys (slow dirty rock sounds, I've missed listening to these dudes)