Friday, April 22, 2011

Ellie Goulding : Lights

{Excuse my constant editing while I try to find my way around building this music blog, I am going to try some different things but it will smooth out eventually}

So I have been going into a sort of 'Girl Power music phase' lately. What I mean by that is - from listening and loving Florence + The Machine; I have gone and listened to more female artists such as Adele, Oh Land, and most recently Ellie Goulding. Most of the female artists I just mentioned are relatively young like Adele, who is only 22 and is already making her way to the top of the music charts with her powerful & soulful album, '21'.

But I want to talk about Ellie Goulding and her album called Lights which was later re-released as Bright Lights. Only 24 but she is already playing at Coachella and just made her American TV debut on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' rocking out with her wild hair and melodic pop beats. In her anthem that talks of loneliness and calls for someone to hold', "Home", the song is a slow buildup to the chorus. It's beautiful.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tune In Tuesday's : Edition 1

Personally, I listen to music by Artists rather than shuffle, but when my friends ask me to make a Mix, I am happy oblige. I have to say though, it's not a fast process. I try to take their personality and put it on music. I wanted to go about this a different way and make up a fictional character and base their fictional personality to the Mix, but my friend made a different suggestion: to make a Mix as if I were going to make whoever that Mix for a person I know. So I'll go with what I know.

I'm going to make a Mix for one of my friends. Her name is Jacqueline. She takes care of her soft bunny that resides in a cage in her bedroom. If I made her a Mix, I'd go with something with a good beat, something that reminds me of summer, or the beach. Something that she can listen to in the car if she decides to go on an adventure. She likes those.

Playlist 'Jacqueline':

Greenleaf - Generationals
Deep Blue - Arcade Fire
Dance Away - Smith Westerns
White Winter Hymnal - Fleet Foxes
The Celibate Life - The Shins
Night Winds - Geographer
Plath Heart - Braids
Take It Easy - Surfer Blood
Young - Dog Is Dead
American West - Sun Airway
Young Blood - The Naked And Famous
Natural Tune - Efterklang

I don't know how Mediafire works (yet) but I'll try sometime later this week. I had to get this in before Tuesday ended! I hope you give these songs a listen though, and then the artists themselves because they're pretty spectacular.

Dog Is Dead Young by KARTEL

Friday, April 8, 2011

What goes in a music blog?

Dark Storm by thejezabels

This is my first post on my new music blog. But what am I supposed to put in it? Are their rules or requirements? Do I need to have some background? Am I qualified for this?
I think this blog will be a nice way of keeping a musical record for myself. But if you like what you hear, tune in.

Lately, I have been listening to a band from Sydney called The Jezabels. They have released 3 EP's but I only have their latest one called 'The Dark Storm'. And although their EP only has 5 songs, I have been listening to them nonstop. When I listen to them, it makes you feel as if you need to make strong head banging movements because she sings so intensely. Her voice is distinct. *This is what can make or break my blog. I cannot describe what music sounds like in my ears. How do people do this?

Here's the deal: Listen to The Jezabels. Listen to Dark Storm and heck all 5 of the tracks. Sometimes you want to listen to something dramatic.