Saturday, April 27, 2013

April 2013: Music Haul

I decided that I'm just going to make lists of who I've been listening to at the end of each month, here's my "music haul" for April:

Hyperlinks direct you to YT videos or Soundcloud!

From March into April, I'm still listening to:
- Lucius, because they're perfect. I'm in love with the whole EP.
- Justin Timberlake, because you can't ever listen to too much of his newest album or the classics (especially "Cry Me A River", that song has come to have a lot of sentiment in my life as of late)
- S O H N and fyfe, because I just found their EP's on Spotify. Before I was only listening to them via Soundcloud/Hypem. Their sounds are very wavy? Beat-heavy and my music taste has been steering into that direction ever since South by.
- Slow Magic, because as I said above, my music taste is transitioning, or I guess broadening. Slow Magic has heavy vibes that lets your mind wander.
- Guards, because I have the same haircut as the band members. Just kidding, their album In Guards We Trust is the perfect soundtrack to the anxiousness I have waiting for summer (plz come sooner, let's skip Finals).  I have come to love their opening track 'Nightmare', it's striking. My favorite track is 'Not Supposed To'.
- Little Daylight, I beg of you to come out with an album. No rush...but really. Really, I will keep listening to the two tracks forever and ever.

From April, I've been listening to:
- Houses. Why is it so tragic and beautiful? I know their newest album got somewhat mediocre reviews or shall I say mixed reviews? In any case, I actually started to listen to them because it was on the "Recommended Spotify" albums and their cover art is beautiful. Just look at it. 'Carrion' and 'The Beauty Surronds' are among my favorite tracks.
- Kodaline. I found them when I clicked on their La Blog video. I saw such an honest performance while watching so naturally they captured my heart and ears.
- The Lighthouse and the Whaler. Album art is so important. It is the thing that kicks it over the edge and makes me more inclined to listen to an album. I will judge a book by it's this case, a band by their album art. 'Venice' is one of my favorite tracks. They're fun.
- The Neighbourhood. More specifically, their debut album, I Love You. It's dirty rock, I like it. Favorite track is 'W.D.Y.W.F.M.?' So. many. feels.
- Blue Hawaii. Dark, electric pop. This is my life now. 'Sierra Lift' is my favorite track off the newest album, Untogether.
- Balmorhea. An Austin band, still listening. I'll get back to this.
- Mother Falcon. Specifically their upcoming album, You Knew, due May 7th. Saw them with friends and I was really impressed. Austin, again, I love you and the musicians that come from our city.
- Cayucas. Their upcoming album due April 30th, Bigfoot. This one is good for summer jamz. They're also going on tour. They're blowing up and I wouldn't be surprised if they were to be on the ACL 2013 bill. Remember when they were Oregon Bike Trails? (Sidenote: what's up with no single-day passes ACL!?)
- Now, Now. I'm not very good at describing this band's music, give a listen for yourself.

- Marmalakes. I wrote about them quite a while back. Took a hiatus and then they popped back onto my radar. I love Austin, I love Marmalakes. 'Red Metal Rescue' slays me.
- Phoenix, because their newest album, Bankrupt!, just came out. I'm revisiting all of the glory and enjoyment I had while blaring them in my car circa high school times.
- The Postal Service. I will always love them. Can't wait to see them in the summer on tour. Be still my heart.

Single Tracks:
- New Summer by Young Galaxy
- Over The Love by F+TM
- Young & Beautiful by Lana Del Rey
- Morning House by Teen Daze
- Wells by Marmalakes
- Oldsmobile by Post Louis
- Oh Sailor by Mr. Little Jeans
- Song for Zula by Phosphorescent

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Little Daylight // Name In Lights

I accidentally saw them at SXSW this past spring and they are one of my favorite discoveries.