Monday, June 6, 2011

Artist Appreciation//Andrew Bird

Some artists click with you at once but sometimes it takes a couple of listen's. It's become apparent to me that most of the time it takes awhile for an artist or band to get in my good graces. But once they do, they stay close to my heart and I really do think once in a while I should appreciate them. It's corny but music really does speak what we cannot. They tell the story of our heartache, our changes in seasons, our road trips and really anything in going on in our life.
For example, Andrew Bird, he'd tell the story (at least for me) of my summer before senior year of high school. I'd blast him through my car even though the rap music from the car next to me could easily stomp on his beautiful strings and whistles. No worry, I would just as easily roll up my windows. Now, Andrew Bird is truly the Dr. Stringz. One man, several loops, and so much talent. Not only is he a charming dresser, he's an avid biker, and a beautiful song maker/instrumentalist. Sometimes I don't understand what he sings about, but when I hear his music, I feel peace and I remember summer and senior year. So here's to my first Artist Appreciation: to Dr. Stringz.
Andrew Bird - Plasticities

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