Monday, December 2, 2013

November 2013: Music Haul

maybe my body is ready for Portland, maybe my body is just confused because I was sweating profusely from a 90 degree Sunday. either way, it loves to walk in the cold, windy, drizzly rain that Austin has procured a week ago. 

this is my ode to the cold. as you drift back and forth into our lives here in Texas, I will continue to wear dark clothes and dark lipstick to match the dark soul that seems to be in "winter mode." 

From October to November: 

  • Wet. I should be writing a separate post for these guys. I actually found this group last month, little did I know that this Brooklyn trio would infiltrate and conquer most of my listening time in November. When I'm not running to my set playlist, I'm listening to Wet. Yeah, I'm not a super fan of their name, but just listen to their most popular song "You're the Best" or my personal favorite "Don't Wanna Be Your Girl."
  • Phantogram. On my running playlist, on a separate "Phantogram" playlist. Still love them, probably for forever. 
  • Pedro The Lion. David Bazan's vibe and lyrics seem fitting for this 38 degree weather...and also the occasional 80 degree weather we get.
  • Dan Croll. The Spotify Sessions came out almost a week ago and all three tracks are gold. You compliment my soul Dan...with your beautiful face and voice. 

From November, I've been listening to:

  • Paws. There are some tracks I don't like, but I do like this one (it makes for a good morning song). Is it just me, or for a Glasgow band, they sound American? I don't know, I guess I always associated this teen-angst-pop-rock only to America. How very ethnocentric of me. 
  • Big Scary. My favorite track is "Twin Rivers."
  • You Won't. They are touring with Lucius, I get it. 
  • Ta-Ku. I remember hearing a track earlier this summer and vining to it. But my friend posted a link recently and for whatever reason, that acted as a catalyst to this Ta-Ku binge that I've been on for the past couple of days. 


  • Florence + The Machine. Sometimes you lose yourself and you need Florence to guide you back. 
  • Arcade Fire. More specifically, The Suburbs album. 
  • London Grammar. Have you seen their KEXP set? Hot. damn. 
  • Bon Iver. It's been raining here in Austin, Texas. 

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