Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mutual Benefit : Love's Crushing Diamond

So it's been a long long long time since I've written an album review. And this may be hasty, but I have to tell you immediately because I will feel like I've been holding out on you. Since 2011 I think, since I listened to a certain mixtape, Mutual Benefit's "Desert Island Feeling" has stuck around my listening space. I will forget it, I will remember it, and when I do, I am always pleasantly surprised by its beauty. Fast forward to a month ago (?), I saw this album pop up on my feed (thanks Facebook Sponsored Ads.......). I gave it a listen and brushed it off soon after I finished the 8-track album.

Until I decided to give it a listen again. I had been meaning to, but I've been bad at "keeping up" lately. But Mutual Benefit, this album is perfect...and Jordan Lee, frontman of Mutual Benefit was in Austin writing, collab-ing, and playing house shows? I've been missing out. Love's Crushing Diamond is dreamy, ethereal floaty-feeling music. I don't like to compare music, but I feel like this album is Lonesome Dreams's sister album, if that's a thing. I love Lord Huron, I've been listening to that album these past couple of weeks and Love's Crushing Diamond seems like a good transition. They complement each other, I think. Maybe my ears are weird. What do you think? I am really loving "Advanced Falconry" and "C.L. Rosarian," but all of the tracks are swell.

Give it a listen, get back to me.

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