Thursday, October 31, 2013

October 2013 : Music Haul

a half-written, half-linked music haul, happy october.

From September to October:

  • HAIM. Listening to them always makes me want to be in a trio-sister-rock-out-band. They were awesome at ACL. 
  • Lorde. Hi, I wrote about her in April. So thrilled when she released her full-length album. I have grown a liking for the track "White Teeth Teen." 
  • Generationals. Beats. 
  • as per usual. 

From October I've been listening to: 

  • Michael Giacchino. He's written the score for shows like Lost and movies like UP, The Incredibles, and Ratatouille. It's great work music. I used to listen to other artists like Teebs and Tycho to work, but soundtrack/score music takes it another level. The UP score is a tear-jerker but my favorite.
  • Phantogram. I was supposed to write a live review about them I still might. They released a new EP not too long ago and they're on tour right now. "Black Out Days," "The Day You Died"... all of them on the new EP are pretty stellar actually. In short: they are awesome live. 
  • Arcade Fire and their new album, Reflektor, I'm still listening to it, I'll write a one-liner for next month. 
  • The Head and The Heart. I honestly have only listened to their new album once or twice, but it's out there y'all. 
  • Lucius (duh.) Yes. Over and over, on vinyl, on YouTube, on iTunes, on Spotify, Live, etc. Anything I can do to listen to Lucius, I will. I don't know if y'all get it yet, but y'all need to. 
  • Pedro The Lion. Mentioned by a friend so I thought I'd give it a shot. Why do I feel depressed when I listen to it? Also, why can't I stop listening to it? "The Longest Winter"and its lyrics "Is it your way/or the highway.." just saying 


  • Dan Croll. Release a full-length album pls. You were amazing live at ACL 2013. 
  • The Neighbourhood. Somehow I feel like this falls under "October" music (I'm clearly running out of ideas to write...I just want to listen to them OKAY?!)
  • Death Cab for Cutie's Transatlanticism and the Transatlanticism (Demos). BECAUSE I CAN. (but the demo track of "Transatlanticism" slays me).
  • Bloc Party. Because I CAN. 
  • Daughter. Because I can. 

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