Sunday, October 6, 2013

Live : Gold and the Rush

gold and the rush
Reigning from NOLA, Gold and the Rush played at a house show-thing...thing-show here in Austin, TX this past Friday. I feel bad looking at this picture because you can't see Sam's face. On a more humorous note, it looks like Sam has a speaker for a face. 

I'm going to preface this post by saying that this is not music that I usually listen to. Not because I don't like it...I was just never exposed to it. Now by it, I think I'm going to go with southern-rock-n-roll-jam music. It's music that I listened to while sitting in the grass, drinking a beer, and being completely okay with life. I think that it's music that you can listen to while you're barbecuing some good meat with good company, talking and drinking etc etc etc. 'People Downstairs' and 'Rocketship' are probably my favorite tracks.

Is it note-worthy that Chris, the drummer, smoked a cigarette while banging away effortlessly on the drum set? It was kind of incredible. Note-worthy? I decided, yes. 

Not to mention, these are some pretty cool dudes. Trust me, I got tacos with them. And when you get tacos with someone, you really get to know a person (and in this case, a band). Am I a little sad that I missed their set at Ditch The Fest? Sure. But I have some memories, a free CD (from their Daytrotter session), and bandcamp to hold me over until next time. Give these guys a listen, see them at a show, they're pretty cool. 

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