Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Live : Bent Denim

This band so fresh, you can literally taste it. I want to note them in my blog because 1) they are from Texas [sort of, Texas + Louisiana] 2) I support friends 3) I saw them at their first show and 4) I can't pinpoint what Bent Denim sounds like and that means only good things. 
Ben + Dennis = Bent Denim
As I mentioned, I can't pinpoint what they sound like, it's in the works, but my friend, Will, described them as something like this: "it's a sound that forces you to listen...everyone usually thrashes and dances at a show, but at this show - people actually listened." They were great live and I got to hear another recorded track [exclusively!] and I cannot wait to hear more. I wish I stole those mp3 files so that I could listen to them on this roadtrip I'm about to go on, but I digress.

Check out this video, made by Will, and you'll hear exactly what I mean:

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