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July 2013 : Music Haul

poopbooks | July 2013 : Music Haul

Honestly, this month's music haul is a little bleak. It could be the increasing busyness of this month, the slight laziness, or music just wasn't happening for me. Please tell me what I've been missing, hitting a music wall is the worst. After compiling this haul, I've noticed that a lot of the music I've been listening to is upbeat...because summer = upbeat...right? With the exception of rainy days...those days- I have to listen to artists like Bon Iver and Benjamin Francis Leftwich. 

From June to July, I've been listening to:
Growl. They were awesome at backyardtogetherness.
Vampire Weekend. Continuing to listen to their new album because it's consistently perfect for July/Summer.
Pacific Air.

From July, I've been listening to:
Benjamin Francis Leftwich. This might be due to the 24/7 streaming from my brother BUT, I kind of love him. He can serenade me all day, any day, every day. "Butterfly Culture" is my favorite song.
Jay Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail. I basically listen to "Holy Grail" everyday because J-squared rules. "Tom Ford" is a hit track, very danceable.
Smith Western's new album, Soft Will, because everyone wishes they could relive their high school prom. Smith Westerns never fail to make me feel that way even though we never had a live band at our high school prom, a girl can wish.
I tried to getting into country and I am failing. Am I doing it wrong? I'm from Texas after all...

(∆) Alt-J's Awesome Wave, because I just got it on vinyl. (eeeeee!)
The Morning Benders, because summer
Purity Ring, I really wish I saw them live, plz have a separate show aside from ACL
Justin Timberlake, because he can sing Africa by Toto
Local Natives, I like watching their La Blog Takeaway shows. Nostalgia rings through me because that was the first show I went to by myself.
Ellie Goulding, I started listening to her first album. She's amazing. Remember "Everytime You Go"?
Bon Iver, it rained here and there during July and I will put on Bon Iver every. single. time.

Single Tracks:
Run By Kill It Kid
Baby I Am Nobody Now by Andy Bull
King City by Space Ghost
In/Out by Dan Croll
Astronaut Etc's cover of Youth Lagoon's '17'
Africa by Toto

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