Thursday, September 8, 2011


I couldn't choose one album so I'm choosing a few to write about today. Aren't those album covers (above) beautiful though? They were made by Scott Hansen, design name: ISO50, musician name: Tycho, which happens to be the artist I'm talking about today. He's a double threat. His art is imaginative and original; I think it pours over into his music as well. Tycho is electronic but the connotation of that word will make you do a double take when you actually hear his music. It's more chill, dreamy in a sense, and very relaxing. I really love listening to "The Daydream" because it's one of those build-up songs. But there isn't epic guitar strumming or drum thrashing at the end. It just builds up and you feel so consumed in the song when it ends, you want more. The song "Red Bridge" is almost child-like when there's a voice saying "Dora" peppered throughout the song (Is it "Dora"? That's what I think).
His new full-length album is called "Dive" and it is due November 15, 2011.

Tycho - The Daydream by Tycho

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