Monday, May 30, 2011

Death Cab For Cutie // You Are A Tourist

Death Cab For Cutie "You Are A Tourist" from JLP on Vimeo.

DCFC went bold when they decided to do a live one-take recording of their music video "You Are A Tourist" for their new album Codes and Keys. As a matter of fact, the album is going to be released this Tuesday. I think they took a risk and succeeded. I am ecstatic for their new album because their somewhat of my favorite band ever. After listening to some of their new songs that had been leaked, I do agree with reviews and the band that the tone of this album is much more light than the previous one, Narrow Stairs. They are actually the band that got me started to music. Laugh or mock me all you want, I will forever love the song "A Lack Of Color."

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