Thursday, May 26, 2011

TV On The Radio : Nine Types of Light

Although I have only listened "Dear Science" and the recently released album, "Nine Types of Light", I've always thought that the music produced from TVOTR was different from any other kind. Nothing is comparable. Usually, you can go on and say that so-and-so's music is a mix mash of this band and this artist. I feel that there isn't really one or two or three bands that sound like them. It's eclectic. I didn't like it at first, but I've come to love it. The vocals are distinct and nothing you'd expect. "Nine Types of Light" carries the same flow that TVOTR has but has a different tone. The band lets you know on their site that there is some more "positivity" in this album and I can hear it. "Will Do" is probably my favorite, it sends you into a kind of trance and next thing you know this song is set on repeat. The music video is interesting too. Another band announced for Austin City Limits 2011. Another band on my own line up list.
TV On The Radio - "Will Do" by Interscope Records

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