Saturday, June 9, 2012

ACL Artist Spotlight : Delta Spirit

Delta Spirit - California 

I've been laying off doing this for a couple of weeks but last night I finally buckled down and started to line up some things for my new posts entitled "ACL Artist Spotlight." More than once, I have found myself having to choose between one band or the other because they played at the same time. I figured if I do a lot of my research now, I might be able to make a quicker decision when the time comes. Truth is: it often ends up being a last minute decision but one of the things I do believe in is "research first." Thus, ACL Artist Spotlight came into fruition.

These babes write a lot of songs about California but they sure spend a lot of time in Texas. While I'm grateful for that blessing, there has always been some kind of issue- 1) bike tire blew out on the way to ACL and missing their performance, 2) SXSW and I was working at SXSW, or 3) Finals week. In any case, this year I will make sure to take care of all the loose ends and make their show. They've really hooked me with their latest self-titled album, Delta Spirit. I cross my fingers for a "Devil Knows You're Dead"...acoustic version? A girl can dream. That was the song that made it for me.
If you like folk rock sounds, distinct vocals, vibe-y guitars, and a good show(or at least that's what I hear)- I'll see you at the show w/my ACL flag(more on this later).

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