Monday, June 25, 2012

ACL Artist Spotlight : Andrew Bird

This guy is pretty much a given; I was thrilled to see him on the bill this year. This is not Andrew Bird's first time around (as he says so in his song, "Armchairs") but he's added on some permanent band members since then. I'm also very excited to see the infamous sock monkey that he brings around tour everywhere and those beautiful horn speakers that are sprinkled on the stage. His most recent album, "Break It Yourself" carries on more instruments but never fails to give us the dose of strings, loops, and whistles that I find very calming. If you don't like him on your first listen, it's completely understandable- I've been there. I say, just give him a chance because I did and I entered into a wonderful world of violin/string-instrument-appreciation.

Here's a notable performance at Bonnaroo, 5 years ago:

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