Monday, November 7, 2011

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2011 : Recap

Finally emerging from the dust, I'm recapping my first experience at this gusty, dusty festival held at Auditorium Shores. After attending, I realize that the first thing you should bring is not your sunscreen but your bandana. It was definitely different from Austin City Limits - no grass, smaller venue, no big screens. But I loved my time at FFF fest, I liked the intimacy of the stages; the fact that you could stand in the back and the music would still sound great.
Here are my experiences through pictures on Saturday:
My friend and I ended up right smack in the middle of the crowd at M83. Even though I wish that we weren't in the No Man's Land area, they were as epic sounding live as they are in their albums. Swaying commenced as they played "We Own the Sky" while mild maniacal dancing came when they played "Midnight City".
The silhouette on the Blue Stage is Childish Gambino. We kind of ran into his performance by accident when roaming around the venue. Thinking that we had missed him already, turns out we didn't. So what happened? I got really gangster. It's lame but you should have seen me. I think this is the first rap show I've been to. And I loved it. He was great but I'll always remember him as Troy from NBC's show Community.
Lykke Li. Oh. my. She was fantastic. Standing in the back made it even better because I let loose and danced  like she would in her music videos. I even pretended I was a backup dancer/singer. This was probably my favorite performance because I still can't get over it.
Then the Austin-native band Spoon came to perform ending Saturday night perfectly. This was my second time seeing them and they did not fail to amaze me again. Classic is an adjective I would use to describe this band. They played a lot of old songs in addition to their newest album, Transference. I'm glad I got to see them again before they took a real hiatus. I love Austin, TX.
This was definitely an experience I won't forget and I have to thank my friend Hannah for inviting me to join her and Nada from Friends With Both Arms for providing us tickets. Nada writes a great music blog, check her out if you're looking for a music adventure. She is seriously my music s-hero.
Until next time Fun Fun Fun fest.

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