Saturday, September 3, 2011

Live // Pretty Lights

I've been waiting to do a review for Pretty Lights for awhile too. Not a live review but it just so happens I went to my very first Pretty Lights concert for something called Identity Festival. The doors actually opened at 1:00 P.M. but we didn't arrive until 8:30 P.M. because we were only there for Pretty Lights. I went with my brother, Tommy, and he has told me only good things: free music on his website, killer set up, and all-in-all great performance. The only thing I can report disappointing was the crowd. They acted like they were uninspired or maybe they were exhausted from the heat and being there all day? 

Anyways...PL's one-man frontman Derek Smith is a bad ass. And it's not just because he's from Colorado. From the time my brother saw him at a venue with just a backdrop with his "PL" logo on it to a fully-lit city-like set up, I understood why Tommy kept coming back. He came onto the stage on time and went to work his magic. Now I don't think there is an exact genre of Pretty Lights because I think he's made up one of his own. Funk, hip-hop, electronic. A combination of those three. There's slow beats here and there, then you can feel the bass (which was actually one of the best parts of the whole show, the sound was amazing), and then there are words in some of the songs.
Side-note: Pretty Lights is not dubstep. I think that was also what people expected from PL but that's not his genre. It's hip-hop, funk, electronic. More of a groove as opposed to head banging?

I'm proud to say though, that when Derek played "Finally Moving", I belted that chorus as loud as I could. What a great performer and I cannot wait to see him again at ACL.

Pretty Lights - Finally Moving by prettylights

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