Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yellow Ostrich // Til I Disappear

Yellow Ostrich - "'Til I Disappear" by CHARTattack
Recently, I had to write an essay for my music class. I had to go to a concert of some sort, describe the atmosphere and performance, and then I had to relate all of it to themes we talked about in class. I chose to write about Yellow Ostrich and after listening to their music countless times, trying to remember what it was like because it was a SX show, I found myself going back to this track. I do like their new album, Strange Land, though. It's more loud and full for the obvious reason that Alex Schaaf gained two new permanent band members. "Til I Disappear" is Alex's layering vocals + a drum machine + guitar. It's droning, fleeting, and I really like it.

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