Monday, November 21, 2011

Artist Appreciation : Adele

I think it goes without saying - Adele is one of the most talented female singers to grace us. And she's only 22. She is a vocal powerhouse. She sings with grace and boldness.  She's sassy and passionate. I first fell in love with her voice when my cousin showed me a hip-hop dance video. They danced to "Daydreamer" from her album 19. Earlier this year, she released 21 and has blown the charts with her record sales. Everyone wants to remix her, do a cover or her, put her songs on their shows; they just want to shower her music on themselves. Her life's experiences is what makes her audience so drawn to her. They're relatable.
Adele, when you heal, come back to the US to tour. Pretty please.

This is a clip of her performing 'Make You Feel My Love' from her upcoming concert film: "Live at the Royal Albert Hall"

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