Thursday, October 13, 2011

Live // Death Cab For Cutie

So as I've mentioned earlier in my blog that Death Cab is kind of the reason I started getting into music. Pre-DCFC, I listened to a lot of Asian singers (like Trish...anyone?)-that's what I did in my adolescent stage... until I started watching The OC. The OC probably started a lot of things for me but let's just stick to the topic of music. When I saw Ben Gibbard with his giant glasses swaying with his guitar, I had to look up whatever song he was playing. It was "The Sound of Settling" and then I moved onto "A Lack Of Color" and it goes on from there.
Every time Death Cab came to play in Texas, it wasn't near my hometown and it was always on a weird day like Tuesday or Wednesday. Fast forward ~5 years later, my teenage dream finally comes true and it really felt like a dream. Telekinesis was their opener:
They were pretty good. This band is also from Seattle, WA. I didn't know any of their songs but I danced and clapped accordingly. The crowd seemed to rock with the band but it was just a warm-up to who we were all waiting for. And after a clean up that progressed to a short set-up, there was fog, the dimming of lights, the band came out and the beginning of "I Will Possess Your Heart" rang through the theatre:
Some notable performances:
-"Photobooth" took me by surprise. Before the show, I searched set list so I could get an idea but I didn't see this one. It was a nice surprise; the teenager in me who crushed on Seth Cohen's love for Death Cab started to come out during this song. I sang it as if I was serenading Chris Walla.
- An interesting transition from "Blacking Out The Friction" into "St. Petersburg Cathedral". I wanted more of the "ba da bum bum bum" part, you know what I'm talking about? It was very subtle when performed live.
- "We Look Like Giants" was heavy on the instruments and that made me a happy girl. I love when you're completely encompassed with music where your thoughts intertwine with the guitar or drums or keys. Visually, I felt like I was seizing and I didn't hate it.
-After 1 minute of cheering and chanting, Death Cab played an encore and then ended with "Transatlanticism". A hauntingly beautiful song. My favorite album and one of my favorite songs. You could hear Chris's distinct guitar.
All in all, worth the wait. (Also, I realized Ben Gibbard is TALL.)
Until next time Chris, Ben, Nick, and Jason.
"I Will Follow You Into The Dark"

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